7 Important Travel Tips

Travel tips are as important to the traveler as reaching the destination. Mostly, because some travel tips can make the difference between adhering to an almost perfect itinerary or having to change travel plans altogether. All travelers should include the following seven travel tips when planning a trip.1. Ask about travel protection options during booking. An easy way to protect your travel investment is to purchase a Vacation Protection Plan that best suits your needs.2. Lodging rates are usually per person, based on double occupancy and availability and are subject to change with or without notice, and may be higher over holidays. Make early reservations to get offers such as free nights or complimentary breakfast and don’t forget to ask about shuttle service.3. Baggage allowance and security regulations can change without notice, so always check first. Remember to take luggage handles and wheels in consideration when measuring, and don’t over pack.4. Always ask your travel agent about companion discounts. The savings amount is usually applied per reservation and is based on the original purchase price of the vacation, before the discount.5. Passengers are responsible for obtaining all necessary documentation (valid passport, visa, etc.) for international travel prior to departure.6. Taking pictures helps to refresh our memories, so remember the camera. It saves money having to purchase one along the way and reminds you that you can bring a piece of your vacation home.7. When traveling, it helps to learn the language of the visiting country. Or, pack a phrase book and highlight some of the more common terms so they will be readily available.

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